The Aga Exchange

Installation, exchange and reconditioning for Aga Cookers

The Aga Exchange has been successfully operating for over 35 years supplying reconditioned Aga cookers/ranges that are of top quality vitreous re-enamelled in your choice of colour. Whether you choose Electricity, Gas or Oil, your Aga Cooker will have a new burner and carry a two year parts and labour warranty. We can also take your existing Aga Cooker in part exchange.

In over 32 years of business the Aga Exchange has installed or renovated over 2000 Aga cookers all over central and southern England. We have also travelled as far as Belgium, Holland and France in the past.

Our prices include free delivery and installation within 50 miles of our premises in Bere Regis, Dorset BH20 7JZ. We can travel further and will quote for extra mileage.

We deliver and install all of our Aga ourselves using our qualified engineers who have over 25 years’ experience between them.

We can offer a same day exchange service on your Aga Cooker, or on re-enamelled parts for a section of your Aga Cooker e.g. top plates, lids etc. We can supply replacement gas burners for all Aga Cooker models.

Why not come and have a look at our showroom and see what we have to offer. We have a 2-oven model in our showroom converted to run on electric which we use for demonstration.

We always have a large range of Aga Cookers on display that have been fully reconditioned and re-enamelled ready for immediate installation. We also have used Aga cookers in almost perfect condition. The front plates on these Aga cookers are in their original enamel supplied with a new top and lids.

A fully restored four oven Aga with blue enamel

2 Oven Pre-74 Aga cooker re-enamelled in Royal Blue, fully refurbished, running on electric using the Electrickit system supplied and installed by our own engineers.

Now is the perfect time to convert your Aga to run on Electricity. In Q1 of 2023 a record 47.8% of the UK's electricity supply was generated from renewable sources, primarily onshore and offshore wind generation.

The Aga Exchange can convert your oil or gas fired Aga to electric using the ElectricKit System. These our professionally fitted conversion kits which do not need servicing and can be time controlled. Please click here for more information.

electric panel

Latest News:

Come and see our New updated Electrickit Classic Aga Cooker in our showroom

The Aga Exchange is a subsidiary of Dorset Reclamation Ltd. | Company Reg. No. 3156940 | Reg. Office: JR & Associates Ltd, 11 Gainsborough Road, Bournemouth BH7 7BD | Director: Mrs T.A. Pearce.
* Disclaimer:      In order to avoid confusion, we confirm that we are not connected nor associated with Aga Rangemaster PLC nor any of their affiliates. We are a small family business established for thirty years and use the name Aga or aga only in order to indicate the kind, quality and origin of the goods. Login